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Xuanhua Taiye Drilling Machinery Co., Ltd. Organized Employees to Come to Holiday Green Island

On May 31, in order to strengthen the company's corporate culture, enhance team spirit and cohesiveness, and demonstrate the positive, healthy and uplifting spirit of the company's team, Xuanhua Taiye Drilling Machinery Co., Ltd. organized employees to come to Holiday Green Island.

In order to stimulate your potential and integrate into the team efficiently, the icebreaking game begins, breaking the gap between the people on the scene and the restraint, changing the normal mindset and inertia thinking, releasing the passion, no the strongest individual, only the strongest team!

With the end of the icebreaker activity, everyone was quickly divided into 9 teams. The team captains, the personalized team names, the team flags painted by themselves, the team songs with different styles, and the well-designed team shape are closely united. Everyone can express their opinions with generosity and listen to others' opinions. On the field, a touch of color gradually blended,  and a cohesive team formed quickly.

In the game session, the team members brainstormed, united and worked together to share the joy of success and the passion of challenge.

In the early summer, we walked together outdoors, harvesting positive strength, happy power, energetic power, and the power of unity! This summer expansion, there were surprises, touches, and joys. Everyone successfully completed all the set tasks, effectively enhancing the collective sense of honor and team cohesion. Concentrate, gather strength, show vitality; 2019, set sail from the "heart" and create greater glories! There is no strongest individual, only the strongest team, we are the Taiyei family!

Holiday Green Island  Holiday Green Island

Holiday Green Island  Holiday Green Island

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