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How Much do you Know about the History of Chinese Drilling?

Drilling rig is one of the three great human beings at present. It is a very challenging industry. We have already achieved the great cause of catching the moon in heaven and catching turtles in the five oceans. Today, let’s take a look at the development history of drilling rig China and deepen our understanding of drilling rigs.


China is the birthplace of drilling technology in the world. Ancient drilling originated from ancient excavation. At least in the early Neolithic era, the ancestors had dug wells. Later, it developed into drilling wells to extract brine and develop natural gas. This is the germ of Chinese rig technology.


Modern foreign countries have entered China one after another. From the beginning of the 20th century to 1949, Chinese drilling rigs basically developed on imported drilling equipment and rigs left by Japan. There are only about 100 rigs in China. A total of about 170,000 meters of drilling footage have been completed nationwide.


In modern times, the first drilling team in my country was prepared as soon as New China was born. In North China, East China, Beijing and other places, equipment repair personnel and training personnel were organized. By 1952, the Ministry of Geology had formed six large-scale comprehensive exploration teams across the country, and imported 100 sets of handlebar rigs and corresponding equipment from the former Soviet Union. Coal, metallurgy, hydropower, railway and other departments have also started drilling engineering work. Starting from "The fifteenth plan period", the drilling project has entered a large development stage, and diamond drilling has been researched, developed and promoted. Compared with other countries, China's drilling rigs are more cost-effective, and foreign orders have grown rapidly. Now the Chinese drilling rig market has become a seller's market and is in short supply.


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