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Application and Advantages of Anchor Rig

Anchor rigs have many common names, such as bolt drills, rock drills, bolt percussion drills and so on. The powerhead is an integrated design of impact and rotation and has the function of counterattack. The drilling rig can not only quickly drill into general rock formations, but also realize rapid drilling into gravel and cobblestone layers. It is especially suitable for foundation pit anchoring, slope maintenance, engineering reinforcement, and casing anchoring and pipe construction in various complex and easily collapsed formations.

As one of the leading drilling rig manufacturers, we Xuanhua Taiye knows more about the anchor rig. Here, let's have a detailed knowledge about the anchor rig.

Applications of the Anchor Rig

Anchor rigs are mainly used in landslide and dangerous rock mass anchoring projects in the prevention and control of various geological disasters of hydropower stations, railways, and highways. It is especially suitable for high slope rock mass anchoring projects and also appropriate for the construction of urban deep foundation pit support, anti-floating anchor rod and foundation grouting reinforcement engineering hole, blasting hole of blasting engineering, high-pressure jet grouting pile, tunnel pipe shed support hole and so on. The powerhead can be changed slightly to facilitate an all-around construction.

Main drilling methods: conventional down-the-hole hammer drilling, direct rotary drilling, pipe drilling, and spiral drilling. In the practice of making holes in various complex formations and different drilling methods, its excellent drilling performance has been recognized by the majority of construction units and peers.

Advantages of the Anchor Rig

The main arm of the anchoring rig can be pitched within 90°, and the drill frame can swing within 180°. The unique designs of the telescopic arm and rotating arm enable the drilling rig to perform multi-layer anchoring operations within a height of 6 meters. The mainframe can rotate within 360°, and intensive drilling operations can be realized within a certain range. The anchor rig has a high drilling efficiency and moderate fuel consumption, which greatly improves the adaptability and operating efficiency of the rig, greatly reduce operating costs, and truly maximize the benefits. The deepest drilling depth can reach 120 meters, and the fastest drilling speed can reach 1 meter per second. The advantage of the equipment is that the main arm can be automatically extended and the head can be rotated 360 degrees, which is suitable for working under high drilling density and it can easily adapt to various geological formations.

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