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The Maintenance of Drilling Rig Machine

1. Class maintenance of drilling rig machine

① Wipe clean the outer surface of the drilling rig machine, and pay attention to the clean and good lubrication of the slideway, vertical shaft and other surfaces of the drilling rig.

② Check whether all exposed bolts, nuts, safety pins, etc. are firm and reliable.

③ Add lubricating oil or grease according to the lubrication requirements.

④ Check the oil level position of the gearbox, transfer case and hydraulic system oil tank.

⑤ Check the oil leakage in various places of the drilling rig machine and deal with it according to the situation.

⑥ Eliminate other failures that occurred in the class.

2. Weekly maintenance of drilling rig machine

① Thoroughly carry out the items required for class maintenance.

② Remove the dirt and mud on the chuck and slip tooth surface.

③ Clean up the oil and mud on the inner surface of the holding brake.

④ Eliminate the faults that occurred within this week.

3. Monthly maintenance of drilling rig machine

① Thoroughly carry out the items required for shift and weekly maintenance.

② Remove the chuck and clean the slips and the slip seat. If damaged, it should be replaced in time.

③ Clean the filter in the oil tank and replace the bad or dirty hydraulic oil.

④ Check the integrity of the main parts and components, and replace them if they are damaged, and do not work with injuries.

⑤ Completely eliminate the malfunctions that occurred within this month.

⑥ If the drilling rig machine is not used for a long time, all exposed parts (especially the exposed surface of processing) should be coated with grease.

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