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Pneumatic Drill Rig

The truck-mounted open-air split pneumatic drill rig produced by TAIYE uses compressed air as the power, mechanical direct control system, no wires and engine connection, the structure is very simple, and the whole vehicle is very convenient to repair and maintain.

Pneumatic Drill Rig Types of Pneumatic Drill Rig for Sale

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Pneumatic Drill Rig Know More about Pneumatic Drill Rig

This series of blast hole drill rigs are suitable for perforation and blasting projects in mining, earth-rock engineering, road construction in severe cold regions, extreme regions, high-altitude regions.The pneumatic drill rig is also used to drill leading detection holes in tunnels and mines. The drilling industry construction is mostly used in harsh working environments. This blast hole drill rig is easy to operate, convenient to maintain, and maximizes the working time. Compared with the split hydraulic rig, it needs to match the high-power air compressor.

Through more than 3,000 hours of destructive operation tests and 4 field tests in different geological environments, we have improved more than 10 mechanical holes of pneumatic drill rig.

We have solved the three key technical problems of "high failure rate, high wind consumption, and high use cost" of previous pneumatic drill rigs, and also achieved the requirements of "low maintenance cost, low wind demand, and high drilling speed".

The Pneumatic drill rig is a typical durable model. Click here for more drilling rig machine for sale, or you can leave a message, we will get in touch with you ASAP.

How Does the Pneumatic Drill Rig Work?

The pneumatic drill rig needs five basic components to accomplish a task, including the compressor, reservoir, valve, circuit, and actuator. First, the compressor turns ordinary air into compressed high-pressure air, then the air is stored in a reservoir. The valve works by switching the air on and off, allowing air to flow into the bottom or the top of the cylinder. The air will be pushed through the circuit, forcing the piledriver down so it pounds into the drill bit. After getting compressed air, the actuator can use compressed air to move, lift or hold an object.

What is the Blast Hole Drill Rig?

A blast hole drill rig is a kind of heavy equipment widely used to drill holes to a certain depth in a directional way for load explosives, with extensive applications in the industries of construction and mining, oil and gas, demolition and recovery, and other quarries.

Is the Blast Hole Drilling Machine Expensive?

Generally, the large-range blast hole drilling machine is more expensive compared with the mid-range blast hole drilling machine. And the custom-made blast hole drilling machine, due to its extensive functionality, is usually more expensive than ordinary ones. But our blast hole drilling machines are reasonably priced and much more affordable to some extent, meeting the real needs of users who show strong interest.

What Are the Features of the Our Blast Hole Drilling Machine?

Taiye blast hole drilling machine features high performance, easy and stable operation, low maintenance cost, high drilling speed, adaption to harsh working environments, low failure rate. With all of those advantages, the drill rig supplier and its high-quality drilling equipment are popular in a wide range of applications.

What Are the Advantages of the Track Drill Rigs for Sale?

The trailer-mounted drill rig has the advantages of (1)powerful production of greater torque; (2) robust and long-lasting performance; (3) simple repair and maintenance; (4) economical effects; (5) adaption to sites without electricity.  

Pneumatic Drill Rig

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