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Why Does the Crawler of Down-the-hole Drill Rig Jump off the Chain?

In the use of down-the-hole drill rig, the crawler often jumps off the chain. Affected by environmental factors, this situation can not be avoided in the working process. Now let us talk about the reasons for this phenomenon.        

1. The common faults of the tensioning hydraulic cylinder will cause the chain disconnection. At this time, check whether you have forgotten to apply grease to the tensioning hydraulic cylinder and whether there is oil leakage in the tensioning hydraulic cylinder.

2. The crawler of DTH rig machine is damaged seriously, which will cause its jumping off the chain. Once used for a long time, the crawler will be damaged, and the damage of the chain bar, chain barrel and other components on the crawler will also cause the crawler to fall off the chain.

3. The chain guard is damaged. At present, there are chain guards on the crawlers of all down-the-hole drill rigs, and they play a very important role in preventing chains from falling off, so it is also very crucial to check whether the chain guard is damaged.           

4. The electric motor gear ring of the down-the-hole drill rig is damaged. For the drive electric motor ring gear, we need to replace it once it is damaged seriously, otherwise it is inevitable for the crawler to fall off the chain.    

5. The carrier wheel is damaged. In general, the oil seal leakage of the carrier wheel will cause serious damage to the carrier wheel, which will lead to the crawler to fall off the chain.   

6. The guiding wheel is damaged. When checking the guiding wheel of the down-the-hole drill rig, pay attention to whether the screws on the guiding wheel is missing or broken and whether the groove of the guiding wheel is deformed.

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