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The Structural Features of the Blasting Rig

The blasting rig is equipped with a turbocharged diesel engine that directly drives the imported plunger hydraulic main pump. The powerful hydraulic power provides faster propulsion and lifting speed and greater rotation torque, allowing you to drill in large holes and deep holes easily.

Applications of Blasting Rigs

Blasting rigs can be widely used in the drilling process of vertical holes, horizontal holes, step holes, and lateral holes in various rock drilling projects such as open-pit mining, road construction, foundation pit support and ground anchor engineering, and pre-splitting blasting of hydropower station dam foundations. .

The Structural Characteristics of the Blasting Rig

1. Floating chassis: The blasting rig is equipped with a floating chassis and a single-tooth track shoe, which has a strong gripping ability and is convenient for walking on uneven ground in mines or construction sites. The imported walking motor ensures strong driving force, enhances the climbing ability of the drilling rig, and makes the drilling rig better maneuverability and applicability.

2. Operating system: Centralized control of the operating handle, and simple operation. Configure the walking pilot function to improve system efficiency and reduce labor intensity of workers.

3. Power system: the main engine power is driven by the diesel engine to drive the hydraulic main pump to provide strong power for the work of the drilling rig.

4. Drill boom structure: The blasting rig is equipped with a simple drill boom structure, which reduces the failure rate and enhances the stability during drilling by reducing the twisting points of the carriage.

5. Hydraulic pipeline: The hydraulic pipeline is simple and clear, and effective protection measures are taken to protect the hydraulic pipeline and reduce the failure rate. At the same time, a follow-up drag chain is equipped on the drill frame, which effectively protects the air pipe and the oil pipe of the motor part.

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