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Knowledge of Drilling Rig Machine Maintenance

We all know the importance of drilling rig machines in drilling work, and the most important thing for drilling rig machines should be the drill bit. How to maintain the drill bit to increase its service life is to start with small things. Let's take a look at the knowledge of drill maintenance in the drill rig machines.

In fact, in the use of drilling rig machines, we can completely troubleshoot minor faults in advance to prevent major accidents, such as the most common drilling problem that occurs when drilling rigs are working. As long as we can ensure the smooth circulation of mud and keep the drill string intact, and never drill the screw thread of the connection too tight, the occurrence of stuck drill to the greatest extent can be avoided.

Choosing the right type of drill bit is also a way to prevent failures, because different types of drill bits can be used to complete the work under the premise of more energy saving because of different geology. However, if the drill bit of the drilling rig machine is packed with mud, it will lead to poor drilling fluid performance and insufficient displacement. In the middle and upper soft formations, it is manifested as a decrease in the drilling speed, an increase in the load of the rotary table, a drill jump, and an increase in pump pressure, etc., so that the work is not going well.

If the drilling rig machine has a dull diesel engine sound and uneven rotation speed, the chain may flutter, etc., you can check whether the rig's cone is stuck. If there is a serious jumping phenomenon, the reverse rotation after parking is serious, or the cone dropped. Knowing the cause of the failure, we can reduce a lot of time during maintenance and improve work efficiency.

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