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Working Principle, Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydraulic Transmission System of Full Hydraulic Drilling Rig

Full hydraulic drilling rig, also known as full hydraulic drilling rig. It is widely used in drilling engineering, mining and so on. It is a drilling rig that uses oil pressure to drive and control all moving parts.

1. The working principle of hydraulic transmission system of the full hydraulic drilling rig

The hydraulic transmission system of full hydraulic drilling rig is a hydraulic circulation system composed of various hydraulic components. It first converts the mechanical energy input by the motor into the pressure energy of the liquid, adjusts and controls the liquid flow of each hydraulic component to transmit pressure and working signals, and then re-transforms the hydraulic energy into the mechanical energy with the help of an appropriate actuator to drive the working mechanism and achieve various actions required.

2. The advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic transmission system of full hydraulic drilling rig


(1) It is convenient to realize stepless speed regulation in a larger range.

(2) The transmission is evenly balanced, easy to realize automatic overload protection, and reduce accidents.

(3) Concentrated operation, simple and labor-saving.

(4) The hydraulic components are easy to realize systemization, standardization and generalization.

(5) The output power per unit mass is large, and it is easy to obtain a large force and moment. Due to the light mass, the inertia is small and the action is fast.

(6) Use oil as working medium, with self-lubricating performance and vibration absorbing ability.


(1) The quality of oil, filtration, cooling, leak-proof sealing and processing quality (size, precision, smoothness, etc.) of hydraulic components are required to be high.

(2) If air penetrates into the oil, it is easy to produce vibration, noise and crawling phenomenon.

(3) When the temperature changes, the movement characteristics change due to the change of oil viscosity.

(4) The adjustment, maintenance and maintenance of the hydraulic system, as well as inspection, determination and troubleshooting, all require a high level of technology.

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