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The Working Principle of the Open-pit Drilling Machine

Due to the increase in the number of large-scale projects, more and more construction companies need to use DTH drilling rigs. There are many kinds of DTH drilling rigs, so what is the working principle of these different kinds of DTH drilling rigs? Today Taiye will mainly introduce the working principle of the open-pit DTH drilling rig.

The rig frame of the open-pit DTH drilling rig is mainly attached to the track by a crossbeam, and the drilling frame is connected to the rig frame by an articulated way and rotates around the articulated axis to adapt to various hole directions. There are rotating air supply mechanism, pushing and lifting mechanism, drill set, and transfer rod mechanism installed on the DTH drilling rig. On the rack of the rig, there are an operator's shed, a dust extraction system and a driver's cabin, etc.

The open-pit DTH rig machine mostly uses two mobile crushers with main and secondary drilling rods. Drilling rods are loaded, unloaded and stored by the drilling rod transferring mechanism. Usually a tracked walking mechanism is used to achieve long distance travel and shifting.

Open-pit DTH drilling rig can be divided into two types: dry and wet DTH drilling rigs. Dry dedusting can directly seperate the dust and gas mixture and collect ore. It does not require water, but the dust removal effect is poor, and the equipment is complex and large. Wet dedusting makes use of wind and water mixing for rock drilling. Water moistens the dust at the bottom of the hole and makes it become wet rock powder pellet or magma discharged out of the hole. The dust removal effect is good, the equipment is simple, and the secondary dust source is eliminated. But the efficiency of rock drilling is relatively low.

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