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What is the Full Hydraulic Drilling Rig? What are the Characteristics?

Full hydraulic drilling rig is a drilling rig that uses oil pressure to drive and control all moving parts. According to its structure, it can be divided into vertical shaft type full hydraulic drilling rig and power head type full hydraulic drilling rig. Full hydraulic drilling rigs have been widely used around the world.

This type of drilling rig uses a high-pressure variable oil pump and a variable oil motor to achieve stepless speed change, which can simplify the transmission mechanism and eliminate the gear box, not only reducing the weight of the rig, but also making full use of the power. At the same time, the drilling rig has a high speed, stable work, convenient and safe operation, easy to realize automation and instrumentation, and has good adaptability to high-speed, small-diameter drilling (such as diamond drilling), engineering drilling with large torque and low speed. However, the processing and manufacturing of hydraulic components of full hydraulic drilling rigs is more complicated, and the requirements for maintenance are relatively high.

The hydraulic transmission system is a hydraulic circulation system composed of various hydraulic components. It first converts the mechanical energy input by the motor into the pressure energy of the liquid, adjusts and controls the liquid flow of each hydraulic component to transmit pressure and working signals, and then re-transforms the hydraulic energy into the mechanical energy with the help of an appropriate actuator to drive the working mechanism in order to achieve the required actions.

What are the product features of our full hydraulic drilling rig for sale, let's have an introduction about them:

1. The drilling rig is mainly composed of three parts: the main engine, the power unit, and the operating table. Each part is connected by a hose, which is convenient for construction site layout, relocation and transportation, and the operation is convenient and intuitive;

2. The hydraulic system is a dual oil pump system. The process parameters of rotation and feed can be adjusted independently, and the variable oil pump can realize constant torque speed regulation;

3. The coordinated action of hydraulic chuck and double-acting gripper can realize mechanical unscrewing and unloading of drill pipe, which is suitable for up-hole drilling;

4. Easy to adjust the inclination of the fuselage;

5. Changing the chuck group of different diameters can hold drill rods of different diameters;

6. The hydraulic components are all high-quality domestic and foreign products, with stable and reliable performance, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

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