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Safety Measures for Anchor Rigs During Use

What safety measures should be paid attention to during the use of anchoring rigs? Let's take a look!

1. If the anchor rig is suddenly loaded, the control arm will definitely swing in a certain direction, and the operator needs to maintain a correct standing posture to avoid sprains.

2. When the anchor rig is starting to rotate, it is not allowed to touch the drill pipe that is already rotating at a high speed by hand or with a gloved hand. The operator is not allowed to operate the equipment with one hand.

3. When the anchor rig drills a hole, its outriggers should not extend too fast, otherwise it will cause serious deformation of the anchoring rig's drill pipe, or cause the drill pipe to break, and the drill bit will also be damaged.

4. When the roof of the anchor rig is extremely high, but the anchoring rig is still used, the production unit needs to make special safety measures.

The anchor rig is more flexible in design, whether it is adaptable or pertinent, it can also be based on the model of the roadheader, or different geological conditions, and the requirements of the roadway in the section, etc. Different designs of anchor rigs are carried out in form, and there are mainly two types of double-arm and single-arm.

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