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Structure Introduction of Pneumatic Drill Rig

1. What is a pneumatic drill rig? 

It is powered by compressed air, which is very convenient to use underground in coal mines. Although it is powered by compressed air, the drilling efficiency is not low. There is no problem in drilling holes within 100 meters of the coal seam.

Pneumatic drill rig adopts advanced manufacturing technology and high-quality raw materials, and its quality is checked layer by layer, and durable failure rate is low. Pneumatic drill rig has the advantages of safety and explosion-proof, large torque, high speed, small size, light weight, simple structure, convenient disassembly and assembly. The rotation of the main machine of the pneumatic drill rig has the function of forward and reverse rotation, which can easily drill the rig and push out the drilling tool; the independent motor is adopted, the feed force is large, and the failure rate is low; the rotation speed and the feed speed can be adjusted by controlling the air intake. Pneumatic drill rigs can be used with high-efficiency spiral drill pipes and geological drill pipes, and are widely used in drilling water exploration, water injection, gas exploration and drainage, pressure relief holes, and bolt holes of roadway siding in coal mines.

2. Structure of pneumatic drill rig

Pneumatic drill rig is composed of two parts: main engine and supporting mechanism:

1. The main engine of the pneumatic drill rig is composed of a rotary motor and a feed mechanism. The rotary motor is composed of a motor, a gear box, a reversing valve and other components. The reversing valve controls the opening of the motor and the reversing compressed air drives the motor gear and main shaft to rotate through the reversing valve to drive the drilling tool to rotate. The feed mechanism is composed of a feed motor, a reversing valve, a rack, a guide rail and other components. The feed motor is controlled by the reversing valve to drive the driving gear to drive on the rack, thereby driving the rotary motor forward and backward to achieve the purpose of drilling.

2. The supporting mechanism of pneumatic drill rig is composed of two cylinders, cylinder connecting pipe, cylinder reversing valve and auxiliary support. The high-pressure air controls the lift of the cylinder through the reversing valve to achieve the purpose of jacking up the top plate and stabilizing the drilling rig. The auxiliary support plays a role of auxiliary supporting the pneumatic drilling rig by adjusting the angle.

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