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TAIYE-X45-DTH Integrated Hydraulic Drilling Rig

TAIYE-X45-DTH integrated hydraulic drilling rig,efficient,energy-saving,environment-friendly.It is suit for drilling blasthole in open-pit mine and quarries,covers a hole diameter 90-140mm.

TAIYE-X45-DTH drilling rig is a hydra drilling machine which is equipped with two-stage screw compressor which is imported from USA.The compresor has a stable pressure and plenty flow,ensure hig-speed pnetration speed and saving energy at the same time.The main structrual parts is made of Q345 steel which is more durable and wearproof.

  • 1. Automatic Rod-changer

    1. Automatic Rod-changer

    Automatic rode-changer, the number of storage rods is 5+1 pieces.With 3m or 4m rod,the hole depth can be 18 or 24m.It has a simple structure,easy to maintainence.

  • 2. Walking Motor

    2. Walking Motor

    Using Doosan walking motor with a 350mm widened track plate, this kind of DTH rig machine has strong power and great grade ability. The chassis of this series adopts a hydraulic leveling mechanism, which has strong adaptability to working conditions and is durable.

  • 3. Rotary Reducer

    3. Rotary Reducer

    The rotary power head is equipped with shock absorber to extend the service life of the rotary mechanism and the impact device

Parameter of TAIYE-X45-DTH Integrated Hydraulic Drilling Rig

Drilling parametersHole range90-127mm
Rod size76*4000
Propulsion parameterRotary speed0-140rpm
Rotary torque2100N.m
Lifting force17KN
Lifting speed30m/min
Air compressorManufacturerBSC
Engine PowerManufacturerYUCHAI

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