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The Main Engine of the Air Compressor for Drilling Rig Has Abnormal Noise

Many users will encounter abnormal noise from the main engine when using the air compressor for drilling rig. So, what is the reason?

1. Quality problem of the main engine

The abnormal noise of the air compressor for drilling rig usually causes the problem of overcurrent. When the abnormal sound of the current increases, the bearing of the main engine is usually heavily worn. When the sound becomes much louder and the current becomes much bigger, you can clearly hear the running sound of the bearings on both sides of the host. We can basically judge that the main engine bearing is worn too much from the uneven sound. At this point, we can solve the problem by repairing or replacing the host.

2. The belt tension is insufficient

With the increase of the pressure on the air compressor for the drilling rig, the sound will become louder. This voice sounds as if the motor is not moving. The fact is that the belt tension is insufficient. The best solution is to adjust or replace a new belt.

3. The sound of the uninstall host is loud

When the uninstall host of the air compressor for the drilling rig has an abnormal sound, it is mainly caused by the insufficient air in the shell cavity or blocked passage. By this time, unloading the one-way air supply channel can help you check the problem.

4. Exhaust loudly after unloading

After unloading the air compressor for the drilling rig, the loud sound of the exhaust air current is usually caused by a too small discharge port. The best solution is to adjust the discharge volume of the bolt.

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