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The Main Difference between Hydraulic Drilling Rig Machine and Down the Hole Drilling Machine

Down the hole drilling machine and hydraulic drilling machine are commonly used machinery for engineering drilling, and most of them are used for rock drilling. Many people do not know the specific differences between them when making choices, so it is not easy to choose. Today I will briefly introduce the difference between these two different machines.

Drilling Method of Hydraulic Drilling Machine and Down the Hole Drilling Machine

First of all, let's understand the drilling methods of these two different machines. The essence of down the hole drilling machine is to make the impactor dive into the hole during the rock drilling process to reduce the energy loss caused by the impact energy transmitted by the drill rod, thereby reducing the impact of the hole depth on the drilling efficiency. In this way, a faster rock drilling speed can be obtained. Hydraulic drilling rig machine realizes stepless speed change by means of high-pressure variable oil pump and variable oil motor. The transmission mechanism can be simplified, and the gear box can be removed, which not only reduces the weight of the drilling rig, but also makes full use of power. Knowing a basic drilling method between them, let's talk about the main difference between them.

Hydraulic Drilling Machine VS Down the Hole Drilling Machine

The drilling depth of the down the hole drilling machine is relatively shallow, and there is no hydraulic lifting device. The lifting and lowering of the drilling tool are completely used by the hoist. Generally, an air pressure impactor is used to flush rock dust with air as a medium. The power system is generally a motor. The hydraulic rig machine has a wide range of drilling depths and has a hydraulic lifting device as well as a hoist for lifting the drilling tool. It can use hydraulic impactor and pneumatic impactor. And it can use liquid and air as media to wash rock dust. The power system can adopt diesel engine or electric motor.

From a practical point of view, hydraulic rig machine do have certain advantages over down the hole drilling machine. Whether in drilling or operation, hydraulic drilling machines are relatively advantageous. However, the processing and manufacturing of hydraulic components of this drilling rig is relatively complicated, and the requirements for use and maintenance are relatively high. Therefore, each has its own advantages. When choosing machinery and equipment, you can first look at the actual situation of your own project, and decide which type of machine to choose according to the rock layer and geological layer of the construction site and the working environment.

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