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Integrated hydarlic DTH Drilling Rigs Use in Cold Seasons and Low Temperature Areas

The influence of low temperature on surface Down-the-hole drilling rig work

The low temperature makes it difficult to start the engine. The main reasons are the decrease in the working capacity of the battery, the increase in the viscosity of the lubricating oil and the poor fuel atomization.

When the battery on the hydraulic blasthole drilling rig is at low temperature, the viscosity of the electrolyte increases, the penetration ability decreases, and the increase in internal resistance makes the battery capacity and terminal voltage drop significantly, and even cannot discharge. The voltage drop makes the engine unable to obtain the required output power, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of the starting speed.

The viscosity of engine oil increases as the temperature decreases, and the flow performance becomes worse, which makes the engine lubrication conditions worse and the rotation resistance of the crankshaft increases.

Due to the low temperature, the crankshaft speed for starting the engine is low, the temperature of the intake pipe and the gas flow rate are low, and the quality of fuel atomization is poor, which further increases the difficulty of starting the engine.

Under low temperature conditions, the oil has high viscosity and poor fluidity, which brings difficulties to the operation of the crawler-mounted DTH drilling rig and aggravates the wear of the parts.

The viscosity of the lubricating oil is large, the oil stirring power loss during the operation of the mechanism increases, the engine power is reduced, and the efficiency of the transmission system is low, thereby reducing the driving ability of the drilling rig and the excitation mechanism.

The high viscosity of the working fluid also increases the resistance of the pipeline, which makes the hydraulic steering operation of hydraulic drilling rig difficult, the working efficiency of the hydraulic system decreases, the efficiency of the driving brake becomes poor, and the driving difficulty increases, which has an adverse effect on safe driving.

Construction in cold seasons also has widespread freezing hazards. For example, the freezing of battery electrolyte will cause it to stop working; the freezing of water-cooled engine cooling water will freeze and crack the radiator and cylinder block.

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