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How to Maintain the Anchor Rig?

Carry out maintenance on the anchor rig so that everyone can operate correctly and standardly, so as to achieve good working results. At the same time, it can also extend the service life of the anchor rig. So, what are the specific maintenance? Below, we will immediately carry out specific and detailed elaboration, so that everyone can clearly understand.

In terms of work content and matters, the maintenance of anchor rig generally includes the following:

1. In the anchor rig, the hydraulic hammer is one of the important components. Therefore, it is necessary to check this important component frequently, and discover problems or hidden safety hazards in time, so as to ensure the normal operation and use of this component.

2. The hydraulic system in the anchor rig must also be checked frequently, mainly due to hydraulic pipeline problems. For all pipes and joints of the anchor rig, check whether there is any looseness or looseness, and if any, tighten them in time. In addition, check whether the pipelines and joints are damaged, and if so, they should be replaced in time.

3. The accumulator in the anchor rig is also one of the parts to be checked. If there is a malfunction, it should be carried out by professional maintenance personnel, not without authorization or blindly, so as not to damage the accumulator. In addition, the anchor rig needs to be checked regularly to see if it meets the relevant specifications and whether it needs to be replaced.

4. For the impact surface of the impact hammer in the anchor rig, it mainly depends on the wear, whether there are dents, and whether there are impurities on it, etc., if any, it should be treated or cleaned up in time to avoid affecting the normal operation of the anchor rig use. In addition, if the damage to the impact surface of the anchor rig exceeds the specified requirements, it cannot continue to be used. Instead, it should be stopped immediately and repaired or replaced.

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