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What is A Crawler Pneumatic Crawler Drilling Rig?

A cpneumatic crawler drilling rig is a light-duty deep-hole drilling rig that uses compressed air as power and is equipped with a crawler walking structure. Pneumatic crawler drill is mainly composed of track assembly, chassis assembly, drive assembly, fuel tank assembly, control assembly, column assembly, main engine assembly, hose assembly and other parts. It has the advantages of 360 ° horizontal angle drilling and so on. Crawler pneumatic drilling rigs can drill holes for water discharge, gas drainage, pressure relief holes in the bottom plate, slit holes in the roof, geological exploration holes, and mine blast holes. It saves time and effort and works efficiently.

The drilling operation and walking of the crawler pneumatic drill rig are controlled by an independent console. For drilling operations, you must first stabilize the drilling rig and turn the start-stop button of the drilling rig console to the stop position, and then move the back-end ball valve on the pumping station to get the air source for the drilling rig's pneumatic console.

As one of our most popular types of drilling equipment, it is very convenient to use. There are two reversing valves on the console to control the rotation and advance as well as retreat of the drilling rig respectively. There is also a ball valve to control the amount of water in the punching process. The right control valve controls the rotation of the rig. Push it forward, the host will rotate forward; pull it backward, the host will reverse; and push it to the middle position, the host will stop. The left control valve controls the forward and backward of the gyrator. When pushing it forward, the gyrator advances; when pulling it backward, the gyrator retreats; and when pushing it to the middle position, the gyrator stops.

The pneumatic crawler drill can be used when connected to the high-pressure tuyere. No motor and no electricity is required, so there is no risk of explosion and the safety parameter is high. The pneumatic crawler drill can work across belts and scrapers. It is suitable for perforation and blasting in mines, earth and rock engineering, severe cold areas, extreme areas, and high-altitude areas. It can also be used to drill and guide detection holes in tunnels and mines.

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