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Introduction of the Use of Drilling Rig Machine

Drilling rig machines are used in many fields, especially in oil exploration. Drilling rig machines have played a very important role. In order to adapt to different construction conditions, there are many types of drilling rig machines. Let's introduce the knowledge about bolting rigs.

Before the bolting rig is operated, the operator must carefully study the bolting rig's operating instructions, and master the performance and operation methods of the rig. Before starting the drilling rig machine, check whether all parts of the drilling rig are complete and whether the fasteners are loose or not, whether the various operating mechanisms are flexible, check whether the amount of oil in the lubricator is sufficient, and the operation switch should be in the off state.

Before drilling the eyes, install the hexagonal kelly, and place the bolt drill according to the eye position and the eye angle. Rotate the motor control switch to a small angle to slowly rotate the drill rod, and at the same time turn the outrigger control switch to a small angle to allow the drill bit and the top plate to gradually contact, turn on the water control switch, and after drilling about 100mm, turn on the motor control switches and drilling at full speed.

Before the formal drilling, the operator should do no-load experiments on the bolting rig to ensure that the various operating mechanisms are flexible, the outriggers are normal, the motor is running normally, and the feng shui is unblocked before drilling, otherwise it must be maintained.

When drilling, the advancing speed and drilling speed should be appropriate to prevent the stuck drill from damaging the drill pipe and drill bit. When drilling, the drill rod and the drilling rig machine should be in a line and should not be inclined relative to each other. After the bolting rig is used, rinse it with water and arrange the feng shui pipes neatly. It is strictly forbidden to leave the rig in disorder.

It is strictly forbidden to touch the rotating drill pipe with your hands during drilling, and do not hold your hands on the air leg to prevent the air leg from squeezing and hurting your hand. At the same time, the operator should stand on the far side of the drilling rig machine, not directly under the drilling rig machine, to prevent the drill from breaking and hurting people.

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