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Quality Control

We regard quality as the life of our products, and providing high quality products to customers is the aim of TAIYE.

In order to keep product quality in a high level, Taiye uses scientific management methods to ensure that every aspect of the production process is strictly monitored and controlled.

  • Employees

    【01】 Employees

    Start with recruitment,Taiye requires each employee to have the appropriate professional qualities. Taiye has developed a rigorous training program that includes theoretical study and practical operations. And employees are regularly assessed. All employees must pass the exam, hold the certificate and be familiar with the key to quality control.

  • Machinery

    【02】 Machinery

    Taiye adopts the advanced production equipment, and sets the maintenance cycle of the equipment according to the frequency of production to ensure that the equipment is in the best operating condition ,then ensure the accuracy of the product meets the standards.

  • Materials

    【03】 Materials

    We regularly evaluate suppliers and timely eliminate suppliers that do not meet the requirements to ensure the quality and timeliness of the materials supplied. For the materials purchased into the factory, we carry out sampling inspection based on the inspection standard of GB2828, and the key materials are fully inspected. In the storage and use of materials, we use scientific ERP logistics management methods to ensure that materials are properly kept, using first-in-first-out.

  • Method

    【04】 Method

    Each process in production must be strictly operated according to the process flow chart. The production process must have records of quality inspection, including the first inspection record, process inspection record, final inspection record, self-test record and routing inspection record, and shipment inspection record. Etc., to achieve product quality traceability.

  • Environment

    【05】 Environment

    The work site environment is fixed and managed, and people or things that affect the production process are not allowed to appear on the production line. The humanistic environment requires employees to wear work clothes and wear employee cards to work on the job.

  • Control of defective products

    【06】 Control of defective products

    Unqualified incoming materials: The company lists the detective products details, gives the supplier a non-conformity notice, and asks it to submit a report on improvement measures.

  • Unqualified process

    【07】 Unqualified process

    Complete the unqualified record list (processing quantity, rework quantity, waste quantity, failure reason), submit quality problem feedback form and improvement measure report for non-conforming product,  according to statistics and analysis improvement result to test non-conforming product reduction plan achievement situation.

  • Non-conforming product return management

    【08】 Non-conforming product return management

    When returning goods, you should do a good job of return product analysis and improvement report and disclose customer return details and preventive measures.