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Oil Pollution Problem and Treatment Plan of Hydraulic Drilling Rig

If hydraulic drilling rig fluid is no longer pure and system pollution is a factor in obstacles to use, devices with impurities are more prone to damage, friction, and high temperature damage to the device or cause the valve to appear uncontrolled or produce unpleasant sounds. And let the throttle hole and the small gap in it be plugged, so that the use of the hydraulic drilling rig changes, resulting in uncoordinated or uncontrolled phenomena, and some problems cause some harmful phenomena.

Like dust in the container, the sealing device will be damaged, the cylinder tube will be scratched, more leakage will be generated, the forward thrust will be reduced, or there will be changes, displacement, deceleration, and some sound and vibration. It will also block the filter, making it difficult for the pump body to receive the oil, and the oil rarely flows back to make the air more muddy, vibration and some noise in hydraulic rotary drilling rig. If the blockage is severe, it will perforate the filter and cannot perform its normal work, resulting in bad consequences.

Impurities in the oil body will produce: blocking parts, such as the gaps of the pump body, sealing ports, as well as small holes, valves and other parts for liquid flow, which will affect the normal operation. It will also cause machine scratches, break the fit between components, affect the accuracy and smoothness of the appearance, make wear more and more serious, and cause the contents to flow out. Even the core of the valve is fixed, so that the normal interaction of the machine is affected. The clogging of the filter will weaken the oil absorption, affect normal use and produce a series of phenomena, and at the same time change the oil performance. When water enters, it will emulsify, reduce the original nature of the oil, make it acidic, reduce the service life, and cause oil leakage. Therefore, you need to take good care of the hydraulic device, don't let the sundries fall into the oil, so that the machine can run normally.

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