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How to Maintain Drilling Rig Machine in Winter?

Ⅰ. The importance of maintenance of drilling rig machine

The weather will get cold when winter comes. We also need to add clothes to prevent cold and other problems. Drilling rig machines also need to be well maintained. Today we will explain how to clean and maintain the drilling rig machine in winter. If we don't take good care of our drilling rig machines, we may have some problems. The cleaning and maintenance of drilling rig mahcines in winter are mainly diesel engine appearance, chassis and working devices. It is strictly forbidden to use high-pressure water guns and high-temperature water guns to wash some parts with high drainage requirements, especially the electrical parts on the drilling rig machines, which may damage the electrical parts on the side of the drilling rig machines.

The main functions of the cleaning and maintenance of drilling rig machines are: first, to remove dirt and scale, and to keep the appearance of our small drilling rig machines clean; second, during the cleaning process, we can find out whether various equipment and components are damaged, and whether there is oil leakage in the tubing to get ready for the next overhaul.

Ⅱ. Precautions for maintenance of drilling rig machines in winter

1. Start-up preparation

Affected by cold weather, every time you start the drilling rig machine, you must press the start button several times. If there is no problem, a period of no-load preheating will be carried out, and the operation will not start until the oil temperature rises.

2. Rig operation

Pay attention to waterproofing in rain and snow. Please clean the rain and snow on the drilling rig machine before use to prevent freezing.

Try to wear gloves when operating the drilling rig machine to prevent frostbite of your arms.

3. Inspection items

  • Check the gearbox lubricating oil quantity in time, and start after no-load lubrication.

  • Keep track, pulley and hydraulic contacts lubricated.

  • When the temperature is lower than -10°C, replace the winter hydraulic oil.

Regular and reasonable maintenance of our drilling rig machines can prolong the service life of the drilling rig machines and at the same time keep the performance of the drilling rig machines in a good condition so as to better serve us, so we should maintain them frequently in our daily lives.

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