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TAIYE DRILL focuses on innovative research and development of drilling rigs

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's mining industry, the speed of equipment renewal and iteration in the mining industry is also accelerating. At the same time, the mining machinery market is developing rapidly, and the emerging mining machinery brands are increasing, and the drilling machine industry is also facing Intense industry competition and layout adjustments. The development of “high-end” brands within the rig industry has been affected by low-price competition. It is understood that at present, there are hundreds of enterprises producing various types of rig brands in China, but the technical capabilities and manufacturing capabilities are uneven, and the quality of some small brand rig equipment is difficult to guarantee, which greatly interferes with the stable development of the rig market.

The development history of the drilling rig industry in Xuanhua District is relatively long. It can be traced back to the 1950s. As a representative manufacturer of Xuanhua drilling rigs, Taiye drilling rigs are intensively cultivated in the “hometown of Chinese drilling rigs” and continue to accumulate industry experience. To build high-end products in the industry, focusing on the research of "deep hole drilling rig", and achieved considerable results, but facing the "hot" rig market, how to survive and grow in the industry "shuffle"? Still worthy of deep discussion.

Facing the cruel competition situation, Taiye drilling rig focused on technological innovation, breaking through the limitations of “Made in China” technology capabilities, driving innovation, driving the application of advanced technology, creating fist products, continuously improving its core competitiveness, and launching TAIYE. -370-DTH-IV hydraulic drilling rig, with powerful chassis and reliable braking system, equipped with a new powerful hydraulic power turret and propulsion system, excellent power, deep hole drilling and straightness can be effectively guaranteed.

Before 2004, the development of domestic drilling rigs was still relatively backward. China's all-hydraulic integrated drilling rigs and most of the split rigs were imported, which were monopolized by international brands. The cost of procurement and maintenance of the mainframe was high, which restricted mining. The efficiency is not conducive to the intensive use of resources, affecting the production of mining enterprises.

In the past ten years, the development of China's drilling rigs has been at the stage of exploration. In the face of foreign technical barriers, Taiye drilling rigs are intensively cultivated in the “hometown of drilling rig China” and are the leader in the Xuanhua drilling rig industry. Taiye drilling rigs set up a professional technical research and development team based on the needs of the market.

Taiye Drilling Machine attaches great importance to technical exchanges with academic organizations at home and abroad as well as advanced enterprises. This is also the main reason why it can become an industry leader in the “Hometown of Chinese Rig”. In the academic exchange related to rig design, Taiye drilling rig cooperated with China Geological Exploration Institute and established close-knit with many research institutes such as Beijing University of Mining and Technology, Wuhan University of Technology, Beijing Zhongda Blasting, and foreign large-scale machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises. The cooperative relationship has formed an organizational structure with strong product research and development capabilities. Taiye adheres to the annual investment of more than 10% of total sales, as research and development funds, to ensure the quality and update of products, focusing on the development of cutting-edge technology and future products, leading the development direction of split rigs.

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