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How to Maintain and Troubleshoot Hydraulic Transmission System of Full Hydraulic Drilling Rig?

The maintenance and troubleshooting of the hydraulic transmission system of the full hydraulic drilling rig, and the correct use and maintenance of the hydraulic transmission system are important factors to ensure the normal operation of the system and prolong the service life.

1. Prevent contamination of hydraulic oil 

The pollution of hydraulic oil refers to air, moisture, dust, and insoluble deposits generated by oxidation from the outside.

Oil contamination will aggravate the wear between the relatively moving parts in the hydraulic components, cause the throttling orifice to be blocked or the slide valve movement pair to jam, and will destroy the chemical stability of the oil, accelerate the production of oxides and decomposition of organic impurities in the oil. According to statistics, more than 75% of hydraulic system failures are caused by oil pollution, so the oil tank should be properly sealed, and it is forbidden to use non-oil resistant seals and hoses. Regularly clean and replace the oil to prevent oil from polluting and ageing.

2. Prevent air from entering the hydraulic system of the hydraulic drilling rig

Air enters the hydraulic system (including the gas produced by the decomposition of organic impurities in water vapor and oil) of the hydraulic drilling rig, and is usually suspended in the liquid in the form of bubbles. The existence of air in the system is one of the main reasons for the vibration and noise of the system. In order to prevent air from entering the system, first add enough hydraulic oil to the oil tank. Generally, the oil level is required to be above 2/3 of the oil level window to ensure that the suction pipe and the oil return pipe are inserted under the oil level at the same time.

3. Prevent the oil temperature from being too high

If the oil temperature of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic drilling rig is too high, the viscosity of the oil will decrease, the leakage will increase, and the volumetric efficiency will decrease, resulting in the instability of the oil speed, the deterioration of the oil, and the aging of the seals. In order to avoid excessive oil temperature, in addition to the recommended hydraulic oil, attention should be paid to maintaining the correct oil level of the oil in the oil tank to ensure that the system has sufficient circulating cooling oil. At the same time, keep the water in the cooler sufficient and the pipeline unblocked.

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