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Common Trouble Handling in Drilling Rig Machine Operation

Common troubleshooting and methods of drilling rig machine are as follows:

1. Broken drill pipe:

The reason is mostly due to friction between the drill pipe and the hole wall, which reduces the thickness of the drill pipe and weakens its strength. In addition, the drill pipe is bent and easily broken.

Preventive treatment: pay attention to inspection when adding drill rods, and select the drill rods with excessive wear and bending, and stop using them.

2. Jamming of a drilling tool:

Reason: In addition to the complex formation that can cause the machine to jam during normal drilling, there are also the following reasons.

① Broken wing of the drill bit of the drilling rig machine;

② The new drill bit has a larger diameter than the original one;

③ During rock drilling, the machine is displaced or the drilling tool is deflected in the hole

④ During rock drilling, rocks fall from the hole wall or hole or encounter large cracks or caves;

⑤ Dust is not easy to be discharged in areas with mud and rocks;

⑥ Negligence in operation. When drilling was stopped for a long time, the rock dust was not blown off, and the drilling tool was not lifted, so that the impactor was buried by the rock dust;

Treatment method: As far as the strength of the current drill bit is concerned, broken wings have been basically eliminated. In case of special circumstances, a seamless pipe with a diameter similar to the hole diameter can be used. The pipe is filled with butter, asphalt, etc., connected with the drill pipe to enter the bottom of the hole. Take out the broken wing at the bottom of the hole, and blow off the rock dust at the bottom of the hole before salvaging. In more serious cases, the drill tool cannot be lifted, put down, and the impactor does not sound. At this time, only apply torque or use auxiliary tools to help lift the drill tool to rotate, and then lift the drill tool while giving air until it fails, until it is lifted. When re-drilling, first apply a little pressure, and then gradually increase the propulsion force until the normal working pressure is reached.

3. Bit fragments, dropped corners and dropped columns:

When the drill pipe of the drilling rig machine jumps, it is possible to drop stones through the exchange of rock formations or drop the alloy column. Judging from the appearance, if the alloy column is dropped, there is almost no footage, and the drill pipe jumps more rhythmically. When it is confirmed that the alloy column is removed, it can be blown out with a strong blowing method. When the alloy column is too large to blow, it can also be taken by the method of dealing with the broken wing of the drill bit. If there is a fault or broken zone in the hole, the wall of the hole that squeezed the alloy column into these places may not be taken out, replaced with a new bit, and drilled intermittently.

4. Precautions for the use of wind motors:

① Before operation, lubrication must be ensured;

② The connection between the wind motor and the hose must be firm;

③ The hose should be carefully cleaned before connecting the air motor to the hose. The hose can be opened for a few seconds, and the hose should be blown with compressed air before connecting;

④ When the wind motor is found to be running abnormally, it should stop working and carry out maintenance, and it is strictly forbidden to dismantle and unload it on the working face.

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