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Rotary Blasthole Drill Rig

TAIYE rotary blasthole drilling rig is a drilling rig specially designed for large-scale quarries and open-pit mines for high-level blasting. It has extremely high production efficiency.

You can choose the appropriate model of blast hole drilling machine according to different situations, using cone roller drilling or DTH drilling operation. With strong traction and integrated design, all models of this series of rotary rig machine can work completely independently.

Through the lengthened high-strength drilling tower and extremely strong components, the rotary drilling rig can achieve higher speed, greater torque and axial pressure. Sufficient well-washing air volume and an ergonomically designed control system enable the equipment to achieve higher perforation efficiency under continuous operation.

TAIYE provides various blast hole drills for sale that meet your different needs, contact us to get the price of our machines.

Several types of our blast hole drill rigs for sale are displayed as follows:

Rotary Blasthole Drill Rig Types of Rotary Blasthole Drill Rig for Sale

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Rotary Blasthole Drill Rig Know More about Rotary Blasthole Drill Rig

Taiye is a reliable supplier in the industry of blast hole drilling equipment. The advantages of our rotary blasthole drill rig are as following:

  • Operator-Friendly Design of Rotary Blasthole Drill

Superior operator visibility of our drill rig makes the drilling operating process safer. The cab of our blast hole drilling equipment provides the operator with an unobstructed view of the drilling area. During the drilling process, the windows of the machine can guarantee the operator maximum visibility of the drilling environment, which enhances a more safety operation.

  • Rotary Blasthole Drill has Excellent Capabilities to All Drilling Environments

Our blasthole drilling machines are ideal options for all drilling environments. The blast hole drilling equipment here is equipped with excellent ground adaptability and high impulsion frequency, suitable for open-pit mines with various hardness rocks, high-span and large-aperture blasting operations.

  • The Performance of Our Rotary Blasthole Drill in Operation

Taiye rotary blasthole drills can provide customers with productive solutions for all mine types. These blast hole drills for sale are powerful and reliable systems to meet your various drilling and blasting needs. Our blast hole drilling machine can be applied to different kinds of operating environments, even the toughest rock conditions, such as the high altitudes or arctic conditions.

  • Why Should Customers Choose Taiye's Rotary Blasthole Drill?

Taiye has a long history in the supply of all kinds of drill rigs. We only develop the most reliable and durable rotary blasthole drill products to serve the market. With every blast hole drills for sale, factors for us to consider prioritize safety and reliability. We always concentrate on exploring the right technology for every drill rig application. 

Taiye blast hole drilling machine here pay close attention to technological innovation and breaks through the limitations of technical capabilities. Driven by innovation, Taiye pushed forward the application of advanced technology, created competitive drilling rig machine for sale, and continuously improved the core competitiveness.

  • Flexible Service Offerings of Our Blast Hole Drilling Equipment

As a professional rotary drilling rig manufacturer, we don't just provide customers with blast hole drilling equipment. What's more, blast hole drill rig parts are also available in TAIYE. In particular, customer service can be effectively guaranteed here. We provide after-sales guidance that ensures your business a lifelong smooth operation.

Rotary Blasthole Drill Rig

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