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Whether Pneumatic Drill can be Used in Coal Mine Water Exploration and Release

On whether a pneumatic drilling rig can be used to explore and release water in a coal mine, you have to see if the rig has the ability to explore and release water rigs. In coal mining, there may be gas, coalbed methane, water, etc. under each layer, which is easy to produce explosion and other hazards when conducting drilling detection. Therefore, the water exploration drilling rig must have a large drilling depth, and can be fixed,  prevent spraying, and control the water output. Coal mine water control regulations clearly establish that an electric coal drilling rig can not be used for exploring and releasing water, because the rig does not have the above performance, so it is very likely to hurt people or rush across the roadway in use.

Pneumatic drilling rig's features are:

1. Drilling depth. Nowadays, the smaller pneumatic drilling rig can drill over 50 meters deep in the conventional coal seam, and the larger model can drill up to 150 meters deep. The pneumatic drilling rig can be considered for those who need to drill about 100 meters deep in the water exploration and release program.

2. Large aperture. Pneumatic column drilling rig can be equipped with φ45mm-φ94mm drill bit, which has large aperture to meet the requirements of water exploration and release.

3. Stable fixation. The pneumatic column drilling rig is supported by the top tightening column, which can fix the drilling machine firmly in the roadway with high construction reliability.

4. Multi-function. The drilling angle is 360°horizontal and ±90°vertical adjustable, the drilling rig has forward and reverse rotation, and it is convenient to unload the drill rod. It can cooperate with the drilling scheme to prevent spraying and water control.

In summary, the pneumatic drilling rig can be used for underground coal mine water exploration and release work on the premise of meeting the function of water exploration and release rig.

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