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What are the Advantages of the Crawler Pneumatic Drill Rig?

The crawler pneumatic drill rig is a kind of light walking crawler with deep hole drilling rig powered by compressed air. It is suitable for the construction of water exploration, gas exploration and gas drainage holes in underground coal mines. The crawler pneumatic drill rig uses compressed air as the power source, which is safe and convenient for it to walk. In addition, what other advantages are worth using in the mine?

1. The track of the crawler pneumatic drill rig can rotate automatically, and the drilling range is 360° horizontally and 360° vertically.

2. The crawler pneumatic drill rig can reach out of the car body for drilling, and it is easy to cross the belt support machine and other coal mine working devices for the drilling operation.

3. With its small external size, it can walk freely in a 0.8-meter tunnel. The high-power walking system is equipped with a vehicle-mounted drill pipe space. The feed of the drilling rig adopts an independent motor, so the feed speed is easy to control.

4. This type of industrial drilling equipment has a structure of the muffler that minimizes noise, which can effectively improve your working environment. The crawler pneumatic drill rig has a split structure for supporting the column to facilitate underground transportation through the air gate. The whole machine is equipped with a large-capacity oil mist device, thus it can be used for a long time once being filled up.

5. The crawler pneumatic drill rig is equipped with different drilling tools to realize the construction of exploration and relief holes, and the matching large-diameter drill bit has an obvious effect on drilling pressure relief holes. it pioneers in its drilling diameter, drilling depth, etc. In the drilling construction of any soft and hard medium, the bit cutting terminal always maintains a power output of more than 20kW and is more efficient than the similar products in the market.

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