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What are the Uses of Rotary Drilling Rigs? Great Use!

There are many types of drilling equipment, and the main purpose of the rotary drilling rig is to drill holes for the foundation engineering of bored piles.


So which strata are small rotary drilling rigs suitable for?

1. It is generally suitable for clay, silt, sand and silty soil, artificially backfilling the stratum containing some pebbles and gravel. It can be adapted to the rotary drill with large torque power head. For the construction of slightly weathered rock formations, the current maximum drilling diameter of the direct rotary drilling rig is 3.0 meters and the maximum drilling depth is 120 meters, but usually the suitable depth of the rotary drilling rig is within 50-60 meters, and the drilling diameter is within 2 meters.

2. It is suitable for various projects such as highway bridges, railways, water conservancy, and urban construction. Regarding the price, there are different regions, and the price varies from place to place. The price depends on many factors such as the type of rig equipment, efficiency, stratum, depth of the pile, and machine failure. The construction cost is not just this machine, but also the supporting equipment and the salary of personnel.


3. The geological adaptability of the rotary drilling rig is strong. The rotary drilling rig is suitable for the soil stratum conditions in most areas and has a wide range of use. It can basically meet the needs of bridge construction, high-rise building ground foundation and other projects. The connection between the drill bit and the drill rod is fixed by steel pins, the drill bit is easy to disassemble, and the drill bit can be quickly replaced for different formations. The drill bit mainly includes auger bit, sand bucket, opening and closing drill and barrel drill.

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