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High-quality rig machine parts are the guarantee for your efficient work. Taiye drilling rig spare parts are produced independently. We offer top-quality drill rig parts for sale. The production of our drill rig parts will undergo strict quality control in all aspects such as material selection, production, and inspection. With incorporating decades of manufacturing experience, advanced CNC production equipment, and heat treatment equipment, TAIYE ensures the accuracy and durability of all the drilling machine parts we produce. Use genuine TAIYE's rig machine parts to make your equipment durable and sustainable.

Drilling Rig Parts Types of Drilling Rig Parts for Sale

Drill Rig

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Drilling Rig Parts Know More about Drilling Rig Parts

Different parts of a drilling rig also play an essential part. We can provide you with drilling rig components such as drills, impactors, and drill pipes that are compatible with the world-famous Epiroc and Sandvik companies. We can also provide cost-effective Chinese famous products according to your needs. These products are word-of-mouth products used by Taiye's customers for 25 years and can provide you with a solid and reliable experience.

All of our air compressor accessories use original, which are perfectly matched to ensure the service life of your air compressor.

To ensure timely response to customer needs, TAIYE has an advanced ERP system to monitor inventory in real-time and stock a large number of high-quality genuine parts.

As a comprehensive drilling rig China manufacturer, you don't have to worry about not finding suitable accessories due to product updates with TAIYE's drilling rig tools. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

What Is Rig Machine Parts

A drilling rig is a complex machine and it has many components, and the rig machine parts play an important role in the working process of drilling rigs.

Drilling Rig Components

Drilling rig is the general name of a series of mechanical equipment that drives drilling rig tools into the formation during the oil drilling process, also called a drilling rig. Everyone often sees the towering derrick standing on the ground, which is only part of the drilling rig. Let's learn more about drilling rig components. The basic main components of the drilling rig include rotary mechanism, feed mechanism,  lifting mechanism, and frame, etc.

Rig Components and Functions

1、Rotary mechanism: Rotary drilling tool drives the drill to work at the bottom of the hole.

2、Feed mechanism: Adjust the drilling pressure and control the feed speed required for different types of drilling rigs to work at the bottom of the hole.

3、Lifting mechanism: The drill rig parts for the lifting mechanism are mainly used to complete the lifting of drilling tools, casing, and accessory tools. When handling accidents, they can perform strong lifting and pull.

4、Frame: According to the characteristics of the overall layout of the drilling rig, the above-mentioned components are assembled into one or two wholes to achieve the requirements of compact structure and easy installation and disassembly.

Rotary Drilling Rig Components

The main structure of a modern rotary drilling rig includes a manipulation and control system, main and auxiliary winches, rotation and adjustment mechanism, power head, drill pipe and drill bit, etc.

Functions Of Rotary Drilling Rig Components

Manipulation and control system: The manipulation and control mechanism is mainly composed of various hydraulic valves, solenoid valves, and joysticks of the hydraulic system, and is installed in the transparent passenger cabin.

Main and auxiliary hoisting mechanism: The main hoist is used for lifting and lowering drill pipes and drilling rig tools. After the vehicle-mounted rotary drilling rig is in place, the main winch releases the wire rope, so that the drill rod drives the drill tool to slide down the column track. After touching the ground, the powerhead drives the drill bit to drill. After the bit is filled with soil, the main winch winds up the wire rope. Lift the drill pipe and drill bit out of the hole to unload the soil. The main function of the winch is to hoist the steel cage into the hole for pouring after drilling. At the same time, the pay hoist can lift materials, and simple hoisting can be realized if the pay hoist is not installed.

Rotation and adjustment mechanism: align the pile hole position through the rotation fine adjustment of the rotation mechanism and the adjustment mechanism back and forth, and rotate 90 degrees left and right to unload the soil.

Power head: The power head drives the drill bit and is a key operating component for rotary drilling. When the power head drives the bit to rotate, different bits can be replaced according to different geological conditions to meet the needs of various working conditions. This product does not need to be pressurized, it can deal with the hard stratum by vibrating impact, and quickly enter the rock. At present, the technology is effectively applied in China, and the impactor used is imported from foreign products.

Drill pipe and drill bit: Telescopic drill pipe is the main operating component of the vehicle-mounted rotary drilling rig. It is set together by a telescopic mechanism to extend the drilling depth. The form of telescopic drill pipe is also very unique.

Drilling Rig Parts

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Drill Rig

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