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What are the Drilling Rig Accessories

Modern drilling rig accessories include working units, which are composed of power machine, transmission case, winch, overhead crane, travelling block, faucet, turntable, drilling pump, drilling fluid purification equipment and drilling rods for sale, as well as derrick, base and other structures, and auxiliary equipment such as electric machine, hydraulic and aerodynamic force.

According to the different requirements of each process in the drilling rig process, a set of rig machine parts must consist of the following systems and equipments:

1. Drilling Tool Lifting System

The drilling tool lifting system mainly includes the main winch, auxiliary winch, auxiliary brakes, travelling systems (including wire ropes, crane travelling pulleys and rotary hooks), and the derricks of the suspension moving systems. In addition, there are tools and equipment used for lifting and  the tripping (lifting rings, elevators,slips, tongs and pole moving mechanisms, etc.)

2. Power System

The power system is used to drive the utilities equipment such as winches, air compressors and turntables. Based on the different drive types, the power system generally includes the diesel engines and AC motors.

3. Rotary Drilling System

In order to rotate the drilling tool in the well to continuously break the rock, the drilling rig is equipped with a turntable and a tap. Besides, it equips with the drill column and a drill bit under the well. In addition, the directional well needs to be equipped with underground power drilling tools, which constitutes a rotary drilling system.

4. Drilling Medium Circulation System

The drilling medium circulation system includes drilling pump, air compressor, ground high-pressure manifold, drilling medium purification and control equipment.

5. Control System

In aim of coordinating the various systems of the drilling rig, the drilling rig is equipped with various control equipments such as gas control, hydraulic control, mechanical control and electric control, as well as a centralized control station and display instrument with various parameters.

6. Transmission system

The main task of the transmission system is to transmit and distribute the power to the working units such as winch, drilling pumps,air compressors, and drill disks, in the meantime, it has deceleration, parallel operation and reversing and other functions.


7. Rig Substructure  

One of the components of the drilling rig is rig strucute, including the base of the drill floor, the base of the machine room and the base of the drilling pump. The base of the wheeled water well drilling rig is the chassis of the car or tractor; the base of the crawler water well drilling is the chassis of the crawler. The rig substructure is mainly used to install drilling equipment to ensure the safe, reliable and normal operation of the well drill.

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