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Construction Safety Measures for Anchor Rigs

1. Operators involved in the construction of anchor rigs must wear and use labor protection products as required;

2. During the construction of the anchor rig, each shift leader is the on-site safety supervisor. They must actively perform their duties and promptly rectify problems when they are found. If the site cannot be resolved, they should promptly report to the person in charge of the site;

3. The anchor rig should be operated by full-time personnel, and the rig should be balanced and stable during the jet grouting process, and it is strictly forbidden for non-full-time personnel to operate;

4. When the anchor rig moves, the captain should command it uniformly to make the machine move smoothly and well cushioned. Pay attention to the rig's tilt and tipping to avoid personal injury and equipment damage;

5. The lifting of the anchor rig should be operated by experienced personnel, and the lifting should be slow and steady, and other personnel should be in a safe area to avoid personal injury;

6. During the construction work of the anchor rig, check whether the transmission chain is in good condition, and if there is any abnormality in the chain, it should be dealt with immediately;

7. During the construction of the anchor rig, the high-pressure grouting pump and the pump body shall not be left with residues and iron filings, and all kinds of sealing sleeves are in good condition and there is no leakage; the safety pins in the safety valves must be tested for pressure and must be ensured that the pressure exceeds the specified pressure. It can break the pin and relieve the pressure, and it is not allowed to install the safety pin that has not been tested by pressure test or self-made. The pump and pressure gauge are regularly checked and repaired by a designated person to ensure normal use;

8. During the construction of the anchor rig, the high-pressure pumps and slurry mixers should be closely contacted and coordinated. Once a fault occurs in a certain part, the pump should be stopped in time for troubleshooting, and the operation should be carried out after the fault is removed. The high-pressure grouting pipe shall not exceed the specified pressure when in use;

9. During the construction of the anchor rig, if there is a thunderstorm above level 6, the jet grouting operation should be stopped, the anchor rig should be fixed, and the cable wind rope should be pulled;

10. During the construction of the anchor rig, the grouting pipeline should be checked frequently. If the pipe is aging and cannot withstand the grouting pressure, it should be replaced in time;

11. After the construction of the anchor rig, the soil and grout on the drill pipe and high-pressure grouting pipe should be cleaned;

12. The personnel at the construction site of the anchor rig should do self-defense, mutual defense, and joint defense to avoid safety accidents;

13. During the construction of the anchor rig, each shift must adhere to the safety "three-time system", and the operators must have the "three no harm". It is strictly forbidden to conduct illegal operations and command violations;

14. During the operation of the anchor rig, personnel must contact, coordinate and communicate with each other at any time. It is strictly forbidden to "work independently", regardless of the safety of other personnel and equipment, and actively eliminate potential safety hazards on the site;

15. Do a good job of civilized construction on site during the construction of anchor rigs, and place items in an orderly manner. Mud, sewage, etc. must be treated according to technical disclosure, and random discharge to pollute the environment is strictly prohibited.

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