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How to Deal with High Temperature Problem of DTH Rig Machine?

We all know in normal machine use that the longer the machine is used, the higher the internal temperature will be, that is, the heating phenomenon will occur. Therefore, this phenomenon can also occur in DTH rig machine. So, how to effectively avoid this high-temperature phenomenon? The high-temperature problem of the DTH rig machine can be avoided or solved through the following aspects:

1. In order to save costs, some owners usually use water directly as the coolant in the water tank. Although this can temporarily reduce the temperature, the water tank will form a scale after a period of use. The scale will cause the heat dissipation performance of the entire heat dissipation system to decrease and then generate high temperatures. Therefore, the scale in the cleaning water tank can cool the equipment. At the same time, it is also recommended to use professional coolant to avoid the formation of scale.

2. Clean the hydraulic oil radiator, filter screen, water radiator blades, and other parts repeatedly. After the water tank radiator is used for a long time, some debris will be generated on the surface. This debris can be blown off with high-pressure water or compressed air.

3. Replace the coolant. In the beginning, stop the DTH rig machine in a relatively flat place and wait for the engine to cool down. Next, open the radiator cover and unscrew the drain valve at the bottom of the radiator assembly by hand to release the previous coolant. Then, rinse the water tank with clean water, close the drain valve, and finally add a new coolant to it.

4. Pay more attention to the cleaning of the drilling rig. If the rig has a high-temperature alarm, the first thing to do is to check whether the filter outside the water tank is blocked by some debris. If it is really blocked, clean it up and rinse with a water jet. To remind everyone, if the quality of the water in the working environment is not good and it is not suitable for adding water, you can choose to add some antifreeze to avoid high temperature.

There are many benefits to solve the high-temperature problem of the DTH rig machine, which can not only improve the work efficiency but also avoid some unnecessary failures and losses.

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