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TAIYE Drilling Machine is Equipped with Remote Control System and GPS Positioning Management System

In order to meet the diversified needs of customers, TAIYE drilling machinery can provide customers with intelligent solutions.

To provide customers with a more flexible and safer working mode, the R & D personnels of technology department of TAIYE drilling machine equip the all-hydraulic integrated drilling machine with remote control system and GPS positioning system.

The remote control system of the drilling machine is adjusted by the electric specific hydraulic system, the signal input and output remote control and the remote control system. It can control the whole rig operation, drilling operation, drill pipe loading and unloading, drill pipe lubrication, air compressor loading and unloading, dust collector operation, engine operation and monitoring adjustment. Moreover, it can operate accurately and wirelessly within 100 meters.

The installation of remote control system can deal with the potential threat of goaf and reduce its injury to staff.

Operators can safely run the machine from the outside of the cab, and the system can provide them with unobstructed working vision when they are engaged in dangerous work. In addition, outside remote control operation can also relieve the fatigue caused by long-time indoor operation instead of affecting the operation efficiency.

The GPS positioning management system of drilling rig can realize the following functions:

1. Real time monitoring: check the position and direction of the equipment in real time, which can be accurate to within 5 meters.

2. Real time track playback: the system can automatically save information and can playback it at any time.

3. Fuel consumption statistics: real time detection of fuel quantity and fuel consumption.

4. Check whether the computer monitoring equipment is started, and check whether the equipment works normally after starting.

5. Convenient for overall management: operators can directly and concisely see the use and the operation status of each site equipment from the scheduling interface, so as to arrange the production timely and reasonably, meet the needs of more site tasks, and make the scheduling more convenient and effective.

With the coming era of 5G, our imagination of diggers in the future is that they can be operated at home without going to the construction site. Maybe that can also happen in drilling rigs. TAIYE will stand on solid ground and keep modest and prudent. We will proceed from reality in everything, and deliver tested, reliable and safe products to users.

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