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Routine Maintenance of Drilling Rig Machine

1. Items to be checked regularly by the drilling rig machine

(1) Check the main structural conditions of the drilling rig, structural connection bolts, structural connection pins, welds of structural parts, basket structure and safety protection conditions, especially before entering the site, please ask a qualified unit to do it. The safety performance is tested, and it can be used only after being qualified;

(2) Regularly check the condition of various power heads, working cylinders, drill bits and drill rods;

(3) Regularly check the hoist drum anti-wire rope shedding device, the height of both sides, the condition of the drum wall, the number of turns of the wire rope tail on the drum, especially the condition of the brake port should be checked at any time for key items; 

(4) Inspection of the electrical system. The main inspection items are: special electric box setting and short-circuit protection and leakage protection devices, emergency power-off switches, electric box shock absorbers, fixing of cables on working devices, lighting circuits, and grounding wires are strictly prohibited from loading flow zero line, etc.;

2. Items that the drilling rig machine should check at any time

(1) Check the consolidation of steel wire rope ends;

The contents of the wire rope inspection are: the number of safety turns of the wire rope, the selection, installation, and lubrication of the wire rope, the inspection of the wire rope defects, such as the diameter and wear of the wire rope, the number of broken wires in the wire rope, etc.;

(2) Check the pulley system of the drilling rig at any time. The main inspection items are: the condition of the pulley body, and the anti-skip rope device of the transition pulley;

(3) Inspect the walking system of the drilling rig at any time. The main inspection items are: the pipe running of the pile machine, the condition of the clamp and the hook pipe system, and the laying of sleepers;

3. Make a good maintenance record of the drilling rig machine, and keep a detailed record of the replacement parts to ensure that the parts are used within the validity period, or to keep track of the next replacement time;

4. If the drilling rig machine is found to be faulty, the operation should be stopped immediately, and it should not be used until the fault is eliminated.

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