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What Are the Equipment Advantages of Anchor Rigs?

1. The application and structural features of anchor rigs

Anchor rigs are widely used in various construction, water conservancy, geological prospecting, airport subway foundation pits, deep foundation pit support, anti-floating anchors, slope reinforcement and other projects.

The anchor rig is novel in structure, stable and reliable, combined with the current advanced hydraulic operation technology and power travel technology, has the advantages of high efficiency, convenient movement, low energy consumption, and low investment cost. It is especially suitable for the slope protection industry for foundation pit anchor holes and micro piles, implementation of drilling on construction sites. It is equipped with auxiliary parts such as twist drill pipe, tri-lobe alloy drill bit, water injector, which has good economic benefits and high operating efficiency.

2. The characteristics of the use of anchor rigs

The main frame of the anchor rig can rotate 360°, the deepest drilling degree can reach 120 meters, the speed of the drilling rig can reach 1 meter per second, the main boom can be pitched in the range of 90°, and the drill frame can be swayed in the range of 180°. The common flexible arm and rotating arm plan allows the drilling rig to perform multi-layer anchoring operations within a height of 6 meters. The advantage of the equipment is that the main arm can be actively elastic and the head can rotate 360 degrees, which is suitable for high drilling density, with strong ability to work and get used to geology.

Anchor rigs are used in hydropower stations, railways, highways, slopes of various geological disaster prevention and control of landslides, and dangerous rock mass anchoring works, especially suitable for high slope rock mass anchoring works, but also suitable for construction of urban deep foundation pit support, anti-floating for anchor rods and foundation grouting reinforcement engineering holes, explosion holes for explosion engineering, high-pressure jet grouting piles, tunnel pipe shed support holes, etc., the power head can be changed slightly to facilitate all-round construction.

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