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Company Culture

A Company is Built on Innovation

  • Since it was established in 1995, Taiye has always combined the company's development strategy and innovation, and faced the challenges of the market with products that meet the requirements of the times.

    From five perspectives, Taiye maintains the company's innovation mechanism.

  • First, concept innovation. The company is oriented to the world with its open and aggressive learning attitude. It develops new ideas in the management processes, business philosophy and production concept of the company, seeks new breakthroughs, and adopts new measures to keep the company's ideas up to date, keep pace with market development.

    Second, management innovation. The company pays attention to scientific and systematic management. Through management innovation, the company integrates talent, technology, capital and other factors to further enhance the strength of the company and its own competitiveness.

  • Company Culture
  • Third, product innovation. Product innovation is the key innovation in the enterprise. Products and services are the representatives and business cards of the company in the hearts of customers. Through continuous product innovation, the company meets the ever-changing needs of its customers and wins recognition from customers.

    Fourth, technological innovation. The company regards independent R&D and independent innovation as the main strategy of development, and strives to improve the level of scientific and technological innovation to ensure the core competitiveness in the fierce market competition.

  • Fifth, in the face of economic globalization and the challenges of market diversification, the company actively adapts to the new market environment requirements through marketing innovation, and seeks new development of the company with marketing innovation.

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