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As a professional air compressor supplier, we can select the drilling air compressor model and brand corresponding to the volumetric flow and pressure according to the drilling hole diameter, drilling hole depth, etc.

These high-quality air compressors for drilling rig are reliable in performance and can provide you with stable and uninterrupted output power under conditions of high cold, high temperature and high altitude, and can well adapt to the complex and changeable working conditions in different regions to make your work more high-efficient.

It is recommended that you use high-pressure air compressors to match our drilling rigs to achieve higher perforation speed and less diesel consumption.

We TAIYE has various drilling rig compressors for sale and you can easily get the air compressor price with a simple click on this web page.

Air Compressor Types of Air Compressor for Sale

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Air Compressor Know More about Air Compressor

We can choose the type and brand of drilling rig compressors corresponding to the volume flow and pressure according to the drilling hole diameter and drilling hole depth.

TAIYE high-quality air compressors have reliable performance and can provide you with stable and uninterrupted output power in severe cold, extremely hot, and high altitudes conditions. Here, the drilling rig compressors for sale can be well adapted to the complex and changing working conditions in different regions, making your work more efficient.

Drill Rig Compressors for Sale

TAIYE is the designated distributor of many well-known air compressor brands at home and abroad and the price of the air compressor drilling machine here is reasonable and cost-effective. We have many years of stable cooperation with China Baosi Air Compressor, China Liutech Air Compressor, American Sullair Air Compressor, American Sullivan-Palatek Air Compressor, Japanese Airman Air Compressor, they also have the equivalent electric air compressor. If you use electric air compressors, you will save more and get more benefits.

How Does an Air Compressor Work?

Drilling air compressor supplies compressed air to the drill air control system. It is also used as a power source to drive the engine's starter motor, kelly spinner, and power tongs. Piston (reciprocating) air compressors are commonly used in different types of drilling rigs, driven by internal combustion engines or electric motors. During the working process of a drilling air compressor, the air will be compressed by the piston in the cylinder to increase the pressure. Normally, the multi-stage air compressor has several cylinders. After each cylinder, there is a cooler. After the air is compressed once, the pressure and temperature rise, and then the air enters the cooler for cooling. Most drilling equipment uses two-stage air compressors. In order to maintain constant air pressure in the air control system, the air compressor used in the drilling equipment has an automatic control system. When the pressure is lower than the regulation, the air compressor starts, and when the pressure is higher than the regulation, the air compressor stops running.

What is the Function of Air Compressor for Standard Oil & Gas Industries?

Oil and gas gathering and transportation refers to the collection of produced fluids or natural gas and associated gas produced by each well in an oil and gas field, and after separation and measurement, they are collected and transported to a processing station. After the natural gas is produced from the gas well, after throttling, depressurization, separation and liquid removal, and metering, it is sent from the gas gathering station to the natural gas processing plant or the first station of the long-distance pipeline. In the process of natural gas gathering and transportation, with the continuous exploitation of natural gas in the gas field, the pressure of natural gas in the gas well gradually decreases. When it drops to the gas gathering pipeline pressure and cannot enter the gas gathering pipeline network, it needs to be pressurized. Since gas field booster stations are characterized by large changes in incoming gas pressure and flow, reciprocating compressors are usually used for boosting, and sometimes jet compressors are also used for boosting.

TAIYE Drill Rig Compressors Make Drilling More Efficient

Taiye is a rig manufacturing company specializing in the development and production of various high-performance, economical series of down-the-hole drilling rigs. On the basis of maintaining the original product, technology, and brand advantages, Taiye always pays attention to the research and development of new products, promotes the upgrading of products, and creates more pleasant, more enjoyable services for enterprises in the machinery manufacturing industry and mining industry. A more efficient and convenient working platform will provide new and old users with more high-quality and reliable drilling products and satisfactory services.

Efficient Drilling Solutions

The air compressor provides compressed air for the drilling rig. The control system of the drilling air compressor is mostly controlled by pneumatic. The air relay is controlled by the on and off of the air circuit. The air relay then controls the movement of the clutch and other parts to complete a control process. In addition, pneumatic winches are often used on drilling rigs, which are driven by compressed air, and the start of high-power diesel engines is also driven by a pneumatic motor. Besides, air compressors are needed to provide compression when cleaning pipelines and cementing wells.

Features of Drilling Rig Compressors

The drilling rig compressor is directly driven by the electric motor, which causes the crankshaft to rotate, and drives the connecting rod to cause the piston to reciprocate, which causes the cylinder volume to change. Due to the change of the pressure in the cylinder, the air enters the cylinder through the air filter (muffler) through the intake valve. The valve (check valve) enters the gas storage tank, and when the exhaust pressure reaches the rated pressure of 0.7MPa, it is controlled by the pressure switch and automatically stops. When the pressure of the gas storage tank drops to 0.5-0.6MPa, the pressure switch is automatically connected and activated.

Air Compressor

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