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TAIYE X-series Integrated Hydraulic DTH Drilling Rigs Launched on the Market

From 1995 to 2020, for 25 years, TAIYE DRILL have been devoted to the production of surface drilling rigs. It is the purpose of all TAIYES to produce reliable products for customers. Over the past 25 years, the technology of the drilling rig industry has been iteratively updated. Since the scientific development concept of people-oriented, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development was put forward, the investment in research and development costs of TAIYE DRILL has always followed the progress of science and technology and market demand.

In 2020, Taiye X series integrated hydraulic down-the-hole drilling rigs was fully launched on the market. This series of products currently includes three different models: TAIYE-X45-DTH, TAIYE-X55-DTH, and TAIYE-X5S-DTH.

"Under the premise of ensuring product quality, whether in terms of functionality or investment cost, we hope to provide customers with more choices as much as possible. This series of products not only inherits the consistently excellent quality of TAIYE DRILL that have been tested in the market, but also integrates with the industry advanced technology, more reliable, more efficient, and pay more attention to the health of the operator and the protection of the environment." said Manager Wang, head of TAIYE DRILL technology department.


Regarding the reason why this series of models has been developed and formed for a long time but was only fully put on the market in 2020, Manager Wang explained: "Before our drilling rigs are put on the market, the prototypes have to undergo more than 3000 hours of destructive testing.Not only in the plain environment, our drilling rigs are also in test operation in plateau areas above 4000 meters above sea level, in the extremely cold winter Jiamusi Heihe area, and humid and hot southern provinces. Taiye’s most experienced drilling rig operators and technical personnel collect data to analyze problems and make continuous improvements to create new products of Taiye with the spirit of craftsmanship. Our customers often work in remote and harsh environments. Only when we have made high-quality and good machines can customers use it with ease. "

With the increase in safety, environmental protection and humanistic care requirements for operators in the open-pit drilling and blasting industry, TAIYE X series integrated hydraulic down-the-hole drilling rigs have fully considered the use of comfort, practicability and economy structure in the design process.

The whole series of models use Maltese-style automatic hydraulic rod changer. The entire rod changing process can be completed by only one person in the cab. The motor drives the rod storage to rotate, and the oil cylinder controls the action of the manipulator. The operation is simple and easy to use, and the failure rate is low, not only saves labor costs, but also reduces the difficulty and cost of maintenance.

The cab equipped with heating and cooling air-conditioning provides operators with a spacious, comfortable and safe operating environment, and has a good working vision. The indoor noise is lower than 85db. The enhanced cab protection device ensures the personal safety of the operators in all aspects.

Taiye X series drilling rig adopts a direct control system, which can reduce system failures by using fewer components and is easy to troubleshoot. To ensure the stability of the system, we use well-known hydraulic components at home and abroad to improve the reliability and service efficiency of the whole machine.


TAIYE X series integrated surface hydraulic down-the-hole drilling rigs, as the products of the same series, not only have the same excellent quality, but also have their own unique characteristics.

The TAIYE-X45-DTH drilling rig is equipped with a 191Kw Guangxi Yuchai National III standard EFI engine and a BCS two-stage screw air compressor, with an output pressure of 1.8Mpa and an air displacement of 14m³/min. This model is cost-effective and durable. It is the best choice for low investment and low operation and maintenance costs when working with a diameter of 90-140mm.

The TAIYE-X55-DTH drilling rig comes standard with a 228Kw Guangxi Yuchai National III standard EFI engine and an imported Sullivan-Palatek two-stage screw air compressor, with an output pressure of 2.0Mpa and an air displacement of 19.2m³/min. This model has more air capacity and higher efficiency. The drilling range covers 102-152mm, providing customers with a wider range of construction options.

TAIYE-X5S-DTH drilling rig comes standard with DCEC three-stage turbocharged engine, power 264Kw, electronic injection 8.9L displacement and Sailivan-palatek two-stage screw air compressor, maximum output 19.1m³/min, maximum pressure up to 24bar. When drilling large holes, the output is stable, the drilling efficiency is high, and the performance is better.


Taiye X series drilling rigs can also be equipped with a remote control system, which can realize wireless precise control within a range of 100 meters. The remote control system of the drilling rig adopts an electric ratio hydraulic system, signal input and output remote control and remote control system matching adjustment, which can control: Drilling rig full-vehicle movement, drilling operations, drill rod changing, drill rod lubrication, air compressor loading and unloading, dust collector work, engine work and adjustment monitoring.

The installation of this system can cope with the potential threat of the goaf and reduce the possible personal injury to the staff caused by the collapse of the goaf.

The full launch of TAIYE X series integrated surface hydraulic down-the-hole drilling rigs is just a staged answer sheet submitted by TAIYE DRILL to customers with careful design and manufacture. We will never stop there. In the future, TAIYE DRILL will still uphold the ingenuity and provide customers with more and better products.

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