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The Impact of the Environment and Management of the Drill Rig Compressors During Its Operation

Enhancing the environmental management and maintenance is a vital way to improve the performance of drill rig compressors.

For example, the magnitude of the wind has a great influence on the normal operation for the drill rig compressors. When the wind is too strong, the conveyor belt of the equipment will deviate. Moreover, the conveyor belt will be torn or the feed belt frame will tilt or collapse. In addition, due to the power of modern large-scale road construction machinery ranges from hundreds of kilowatts to several hundreds of kilowatts, there are higher requirements for the stability and economical efficiency to the energy device which offers power to the drill rig compressor.

Before starting the drill rig compressor, the energy device should be systematically maintained and inspected, and output power of the generator, working stability and safety should be comprehensively inspected to provide strong power support for the normal operation of the equipment.

Many large drill rig compressors have strict requirements for the work site. The selection of work site should fully consider the potential impact on the equipment from wind direction, rivers and surrounding buildings. The site should be as flat and dense as possible to avoid equipment tilting and foundation collapse due to heavy weight and severe vibration during use of the drill rig compressor,which may cause unnecessary damage and economic loss. On the condition of the unbearably hot or cold weathers, some necessary measures should be taken to protect the drill rig compressors, and some parameters of the equipment should be adjusted according to the actual situation.

All in all, there are many factors that affect the performance of drill rig compressors. Only by mastering the various factors that affect the performance of highway construction machinery can we make more adequate preparations in the actual construction process, increase the utilization rate of mechanical equipment, and reduce production costs to achieve huge economic benefits.

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