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The Types of Rig Bit Used on the Anchor Rig

The application of anchor rigs in the industry is obvious to all. The wide adaptability of the equipment is mainly because it can be used with a variety of rig bits to meet the drilling needs of different formations. In order to facilitate your future selection, the rig bits used with the anchor rig and their scope of application are listed below for your reference.

1. In order to meet the requirements of drilling in medium-soft and hard rock formations and obtain a good drilling effect, the three-flush centrifugal double-wing rig bits with a diameter of 27 mm and a negative angle of three degrees is used with the anchor drill. Three flushing holes are designed on the top, so it can ensure that the debris is quickly washed away from the drill.

2. Another relatively similar alloy rig bits with a diameter of 27mm and a negative angle of three degrees. The alloy material allows the rig bits to be easily applied to the medium-hard rock formations. It not only has good drilling efficiency, but also has a very long service life.

3. Others belong to hard rock formations, which requires rig bits used for drilling to have good wear resistance and impact resistance. And the 27 mm diameter neutral angle, central flushing hole, and improved inline rig bits are meet the needs. A deformed alloy sheet is arranged above the flushing water hole in the center of the rig bits. This special design can prevent the water hole from being blocked and influencing the drilling operation.

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