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TAIYE-370-DTH Separated Crawler Mounted Surface Hydraulic Down-the-hole Drill Rig

TAIYE-370-DTH drilling rig is widely used in open-pit mines such as cement, metallurgy, coal mines, quarries, blasting hole drilling in railway, highway, water conservancy, hydropower and national defense construction projects.

The aperture hole size range of the tractor mounted rig is 90-178mm, which can be equipped with various types of air compressors to realize high-pressure DTH drilling.

  • 1. Off-road ability

    1. Off-road capability

    The frame body is designed with a gravity shaft device, which reduces the friction resistance during walking, enhances the firmness of connection between the body and the track, and makes the chassis of the drilling rig durable and stable. When crossing the slope, and longitudinal climbing can reach 35 degrees.

  • 2. Rotary reducer

    2. Rotary reducer 

    Straight-tooth reducer has low temperature rise,high load-bearing and long service life, which can adjust rotary speed according to rock hardness. Rotary head is equipped with Eton hydraulic motor to achieve the stable work condition. It equipped with strengthening shock absorber joint to reduce the impact reaction force of drilling holes to damage rotary reducer. Find here the details of tractor mounted drilling rigs price within 24 hours.

  • 3. Dust removal device

    3. Dust removal device

    The dust collector adopts the technology of impulse spraying dust cleaning, which has strong dust cleaning ability, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, low air leakage rate, low energy consumption, stable and reliable operation, and protects the health of operators. With high quality filter material, the dust removal efficiency and service life are guaranteed.

Parameter of TAIYE-370-DTH Separated Crawler Mounted Surface Hydraulic Down-the-Dole Drill Rig

Drilling parametersHole range115-178mm
Working pressure17-25bar
Propulsion parameterRotary speed0-110rpm
Rotary torque2300/3400N.m
Lifting force20KN
Drilling angleCarriage swingL 54°/R 50°
Carriage pitching135°
Drill boom swingL/R 45°
Drill boom pitchingUp 21°/Down 53°
Engine PowerManufacturerYUCHAI

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