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Analysis on Maintenance Method of DTH Drilling Machine

The essence of down-the-hole rock drilling is to make the impactor dive into the hole during the rock drilling process to reduce the energy loss caused by the impact energy transmitted by the drill rod, thereby reducing the impact of the hole depth on the drilling efficiency. The rock drilling equipment for down-the-hole drilling is a DTH drilling machine. The following describes how to maintain the DTH drilling machine.

1. Regularly check hydraulic oil of DTH drilling machine

The DTH drilling equipment is a semi-hydraulic vehicle, that is, except for the use of compressed air for impact, the rest of the functions are realized by the hydraulic system, so the quality of the hydraulic oil is crucial to the normal operation of the hydraulic system.

1) Open the hydraulic oil tank to see if the color of the hydraulic oil is clear and transparent. If it is emulsified or deteriorated, it must be replaced immediately. If the drill rig is used more frequently, the hydraulic oil should generally be replaced every six months. It is forbidden to mix the two hydraulic oils!

2) The hydraulic oil for the DTH drilling rig is anti-wear hydraulic oil, which contains antioxidants, anti-rust agents and anti-foaming agents, which can effectively prevent the early wear of hydraulic components such as oil pumps and hydraulic motors. Commonly used anti-wear hydraulic oils are: YB-N32, YB-N46, YB-N68, etc. The larger the endnote number, the higher the kinematic viscosity of the hydraulic oil. According to the environmental temperature, the higher viscosity YB-N46 or YB-N68 hydraulic oil is generally used in summer, and the lower viscosity YB-N32, YB-N46 hydraulic oil is used in winter. In view of the fact that there are still some anti-wear hydraulic oils The old brands are used for labeling. For example, YB-N68 is labelled as 40# thickened hydraulic oil, and YB-N46 and YB-N32 are labelled as 30# and 20# respectively. Therefore, users must recognize the model when purchasing.

2. Clean the oil tank and oil filter of DTH drilling machine regularly 

Impurities in the hydraulic oil will not only cause the failure of hydraulic valves, but also aggravate the wear of hydraulic components such as oil pumps and hydraulic motors. Therefore, we have set up an oil suction filter and an oil return filter in the structure to ensure the cycle in the system is clean.

3. Clean the oil mist device of DTH drilling machine and add lubricating oil in time

Because the compressed air often contains moisture and the pipeline is not cleaned, a certain amount of moisture and impurities often remain at the bottom of the lubricator after a period of use, which will affect the lubrication and life of the impactor, so when it is found that the lubricator dosen't oil or there is moisture and impurities in the oil outlet or the lubricator, remove them in time. The DTH drill rig uses an impactor to achieve impact drilling. Good lubrication is a necessary prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of the impactor.

When adding lubricating oil, you must first close the main intake valve, and then open the impact air valve to remove the remaining air in the pipe to avoid injury.

4. Be careful about the diesel engine running-in and oil replacement

Diesel engine is the source power of the entire hydraulic system. It directly affects the climbing ability, propulsion (lift) force, rotary torque, and drilling efficiency of the drill rig. Timely maintenance is the prerequisite for the best efficiency of the drill rig.

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