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TAIYE-670-DTH Small Integrated Surface Hydraulic Down-the-hole Drilling Rig

Taiye 670-DTH is a small integrated surface hydraulic down-the-hole drilling rig equipped with a two-stage screw air compressor. Its hole range is 115-152mm, it is easy to maintain. It has a hydraulic motor and a chain propulsion system, which can output stable power during operation. Compared with many huge integrated hydraulic down-the-hole drilling rigs, it is small in size, more flexible and convenient, and has less capital investment. It is suitable for small and medium mines, quarries and municipal engineering construction fields.

  • 1. Reliable air source

    1. Reliable air source

    The main engine of the two-stage compressed air compressor continuously provides compressed air, with low shaft power and low energy consumption;

  • 2. Stable power

    2. Stable power

    Adopt Yuchai turbocharged engine to provide stable power, lenergy saving and environmental protection

  • 3. Easy to maintain

    3. Easy to maintain

    The gull-wing side door provides ample space for maintenance and repair, and the maintenance and adjustment points of the engine, compressor, and hydraulic system are all easy to reach.

  • 4. Efficient dust removal

    4. Efficient dust removal

    High-efficiency dust collector reduces dust pollution; simple compressor air control system reduces control system failures

Parameter of TAIYE-670-DTH Small Integrated Surface Hydraulic Down-the-hole Drilling Rig


Yuchai turbocharged engine, YC6L310-H300

Meet the national Stage-III standard

Rated power230kW 1800rpm
Double-stage air compressorMaximum air compressure20bar
Propulsion systemAdvance compensation1000mm
Maximum propulsive speed0.53m/s
Maximum propulsion16kN
Maximum lifting force20kN
Total propulsion length5850mm
Propulsion stroke3860mm
Operating anglesCarriage swingL 35°/R 53°,L 4°/R 92°
Carriage pitching180°
Drilling arm swingL42°/R 49°
Drilling arm pitchingUp 50°/Down 25°
Body floating±10°

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