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How to Operate a More Complicated Anchor Rig?

The safe and correct operation of an anchor rig is a prerequisite for a successful and important operation. Of course, for technicians, it is important that the requirements can be guaranteed to be efficient while maintaining quality. Although anchor rigs can indeed save manpower and material resources, the high degree of mechanization of anchoring rigs is also a test of operational requirements. So, what are the correct operation methods?

1. Before starting the anchor rig, a detailed operation inspection should be carried out. In order to ensure the smoothness of the pipeline, it is necessary to ventilate the pipeline to ensure that there is no problem before connecting.

2. Before starting the anchoring rig, check the power connection and the stability of the power connection to ensure that there will be no leakage and power failure. When inspecting the parts of the anchoring rig at a high place, the staff must fasten the seat belt and cannot throw the equipment down at will.

3. Arrange the working area where the anchoring rig is working, try to ensure the level of the ground, adjust all the supports of the anchoring rig, try to stabilize the machine, and adjust it to a suitable height.

4. Focus on checking the quality of the drilling tools of the anchoring rig, observe whether the drill pipe is vertical, and whether the drill bit of the anchoring rig can rotate normally. Also, you need to observe whether the drill bit can adjust the angle smoothly and whether it will fall off during use.

5. When the drilling rig is rotating, pay attention to observe whether it rotates according to the specified position. The operators and recorders next to them should protect their own safety and try to keep a safe distance from the construction site. Different operating specifications are followed for different geological requirements.

For relatively soft soils, pay attention to water pressure issues. It is not possible to blindly push forward to prevent the anchoring drill bit from getting stuck in the hole and damaging the equipment.

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