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Congratulations to the TAIYE400F multi-function dual-power explosion-proof drilling rig off-line

The multi-functional dual-power explosion-proof TAIYE400F drilling rig, which was completely developed and designed by Taiye’s technical staff, was successfully delivered to customers.

After the delivery of the 400 drilling rig, it will be put into use by the ChengGui Railway Project Department of China Railway 12th Bureau. It takes only 4 months from design to production to meet the anchoring and heeling , pipe shed, rotary spray and other construction use of most tunnels. Through the accumulation of core technology, this rig being the  ideal rig which is not only 40% lower in price than foreign products, but also can save 17% in operating costs. The high cost performance has also been welcomed by China Railway 12th Bureau.

The delivery was the second in the order of the China Railway 12th Bureau, and the China Railway leadership came to the inspection.


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