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TAIYE-X5S Integrated Hydraulic Down-the-hole Drilling Rig Helps Sichuan Panzhihua Iron Mine to Improve Production Efficiency

At the beginning of 2020, experiencing the impact of the Covid-19 and the demand for downsizing in mines, Sichuan Panzhihua Iron Mine adopted the efficient and reliable Taiye integrated down-the-hole drilling rig, which not only did not affect production, but increased production efficiency, fuel consumption and Equipment maintenance costs are significantly reduced, and the mine is developing in a better direction.

Sichuan Province, located in the southwestern inland of China.  It has large differences in landforms from east to west, and the topography is complex and diverse. It is located in the transition zone between the first level of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the third level of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River Plain among the three major ladders of mainland China. The terrain of Sichuan Province is high in the west and low in the east. It is composed of mountains, hills, plains, basins and plateaus. A variety of magnificent landscapes converge in one place and complex and diverse topographic features not only give Sichuan a unique "beauty", but also rich in mineral resources and a complete variety of minerals such as energy, black, non-ferrous, rare, precious metals, chemicals, building materials, etc.  The reserves of 32 kinds of minerals in Sichuan rank among the top 5 in the country, of which 7 kinds of minerals, including natural gas, titanium ore, vanadium ore, and pyrite, rank first in the country.


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The hardness of Panzhihua vanadium-titanium magnetite rock is f=11-14. Most of the important ore bodies are stratified. The ore layers are mostly in abrupt contact with the lower surrounding rock, and mostly in gradual contact with the upper surrounding rock. The existence of these discontinuous surfaces is greatly reduced. The strength of the surrounding rock is increased, the difficulty of mining is increased, and the operation efficiency of the equipment is also reduced.

Prior to this, Panzhihua Iron Mine had been cooperating with TAIYE DRILL for many years, using TAIYE-X5-DTH and TAIYE-370-DTH models as the main drilling rigs for mining and blasting operations. "TAIYE DRILL have more than 20 years of R&D and manufacturing experience. They have been recognized in the domestic market for their high quality, high efficiency and low failure rate. We have cooperated for so many years, no matter which model of Taiye's drilling rigs are safe, reliable and durable. Therefore, when the company's production equipment is updated and the industry is upgraded, we still choose to cooperate with TAIYE DRILL to purchase two TAIYE-X5S integrated hydraulic down-the-hole drilling rigs." Production manager Wang introduced.

At present, the height of the steps of the mine where the two equipment are located is 15 m. The hole diameter of TAIYE-X5S is 140 mm, the hole depth is 15 m, and the drilling speed is 50-60 m per hour. Operators have two shifts a day, each shift is 10 hours.

Since use, the two TAIYE-X5S drilling rigs have maintained a 100% attendance rate. The daily work volume of a single shift and a single rig is 500-600 m. Compared with the split machine used before, it can work an average of more than 100 m. There hasn't been any need for maintenance. Even the most easily worn consumables, TAIYE’S drilling rigs have a longer service life than other similar products in the industry.

At the same time, in terms of fuel consumption, when the rock hardness of the mine is high, the fuel consumption of TAIYE drilling rigs can be reduced by about 15% compared with other similar equipment in the same mine. "In more than a year now, according to our material consumption account statistics, the fuel consumption per meter of these two drilling rigs is about 1.3L. We are very satisfied with the fuel consumption performance of the Taiye integrated down-the-hole drilling rig." Mr. Wang directly Clear expression.

In addition, the mining industry is currently experiencing labor shortages. TAIYE-X5S only needs two people to work, and the cab environment is comfortable, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operators, and the good dust removal effect is also helpful to reduce the impact on the environment and improve the safety of operators.


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The Panzhihua Iron Mine is more than 2,000 meters above sea level, and the temperature is between 30°C and minus 30°C. The huge temperature difference and the local humid environment make the normal operation of the equipment full of challenges. In order to quickly solve the problems in the equipment operation, TAIYE DRILL has dedicated personnel to provide 24-hour long-term on-site service. In case of difficult problems, it can send technicians to the site at any time to help customers solve problems.

"Since we used the Taiye drilling rig, it has been in good condition and there is no need to repair it. But since it is the first time to operate this equipment, there are some parts that we don’t know much about. As long as we contact the service personnel, whether it is early morning or late at night, they will answer questions and solve our concerns in a timely manner. The daily maintenance of the new equipment is different from the previous split drilling rig. The after-sales personnel of TAIYE DRILL participated in our daily equipment maintenance work within a few months. " Mr. Wang said, "This helps us to quickly run in with the equipment and achieve efficient operations."

Speaking of the future, Mr. Wang said, “Equipment technology is evolving with each passing day. After so many years of cooperation, we will join hands with TAIYE DRILL in the next journey to create green mines and digital mines.”


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