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Understand the DTH Boring Machine in 3 Minutes

DTH Boring Machine, you may not have heard much about this equipment, right? It is a kind of drilling machine, which is often used for drilling rock anchor holes, bolt holes, blast holes, grouting holes and so on in urban construction, railways, highways, rivers, hydropower and other projects. Today, we will give you a specific introduction to the DTH Boring Machine.

1. Basic Composition of DTH Boring Machine

The drilling tool of the DTH boring machine is composed of a drill pipe, a button bit and an impactor. When drilling, use two drill rod extensions to drill into the stainless-steel plate. The rotary air supply mechanism is composed of a rotary motor, a rotary reducer, and an air supply gyrator. The slewing reducer is a three-stage cylindrical gear enclosed heterosexual component, which is automatically lubricated with a spiral oiler. The air supply gyrator is composed of a connecting body, a sealing element, a hollow main shaft and a drill pipe joint and so on, on which there is a pneumatic clamp for connecting and unloading the drill pipe.

The lifting pressure regulating mechanism is realized by the lifting motor by the lifting reducer, lifting chain, and the turning mechanism as well as the drilling tool. In the closed chain system, there is a pressure regulating cylinder, a movable pulley block, and a waterproofing agent. During normal operation, the piston rod of the pressure regulating cylinder pushes the movable pulley block to realize the decompression drilling of the drilling tool.

2. Working Principle of DTH Boring Machine

The working principle of the DTH boring machine is the same as that of an ordinary hydraulic rotary hammer drill. The hydraulic rotary hammer drill combines the impact rotation mechanism, and the impact energy is transmitted to the drill bit through the drill rod; while the hydraulic DTH drill separates the impact mechanism (impacter) and dives into the bottom of the hole. No matter how deep the hole is, the drill bit is directly installed on the impactor, and the impact energy is not transmitted through the drill pipe, thus reducing the impact energy loss.

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